Served With A Foreclosure Notice? When To Hire A Residential Real Estate Lawyer To Help You

3 November 2017
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If you were served with a foreclosure notice, you may need to hire a residential real estate lawyer to help you fight the foreclosure. A lawyer can help you if you have a legitimate defense to the notice. Here are a few situations in which you may have a legitimate defense and should consider hiring a real estate attorney to help you: Proper Foreclosure Procedures Are Not Being Followed Each and every state has different laws that must be followed when it comes to foreclosures. Read More 

Real Estate Lawyers: How They Help Buyers

30 October 2017
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With so many people involved in the sale of the property you're buying, you might begin to wonder what they're all doing. The real estate lawyer could be the most mysterious to you, especially if you are often selling or buying houses. The work they do protects you legally throughout the purchase process in the following helpful ways. 1. They Investigate Titles When you agree to buy some property from the person claiming to own the place, you probably don't expect trouble. Read More 

Steps To Take When Buying A Home

19 October 2017
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There are numerous advantages that comes along with owning a house. For instance, you can use the house as a way to increase the amount of money that you make, such as by renting it to tenants. Before you can begin enjoying the benefits of owning a house, you must first find one that meets your needs. There are actually several things that might need to be done during the buying process. Read More 

Unfairly Left Out Of A Will? Here’s How To Handle Your Grief And Grievance Tactfully

16 October 2017
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It's difficult enough when someone you are close to passes away, but far worse if for some reason or another, they've left you out of their will. Be it a family member or someone related by marriage, you're hurt, confused and need to know why this omission happened. Moreover, you want to know if you'd still be entitled to some part of the estate, even though you were not specified as a recipient in the will. Read More 

Navigating Fair Use as a Gaming Streaming

11 October 2017
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A new middle class has been born in the gaming industry. Once of pipe dream of winning tournaments or becoming a game tester, there are a lot of opportunities in low, middle, and high income levels for sole proprietors and team businesses. There are many earning opportunities outside of direct gameplay alone, but you need to be careful when using a company's game for your earning opportunities. Here are a few legal precautions for gamers looking to expand their income. Read More