Real Estate Lawyers: How They Help Buyers

30 October 2017
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With so many people involved in the sale of the property you're buying, you might begin to wonder what they're all doing. The real estate lawyer could be the most mysterious to you, especially if you are often selling or buying houses. The work they do protects you legally throughout the purchase process in the following helpful ways.

1. They Investigate Titles

When you agree to buy some property from the person claiming to own the place, you probably don't expect trouble. However, sometimes people misrepresent who they are and whether they even have the right to act as a seller. For example, if a couple is in the midst of a messy divorce, one of the spouses could try to sell their home and stash the money in a personal account. Someone else could be attempting to sell a property that legally belongs to another relative. An experienced lawyer whose expertise is in real estate will ensure that you won't have problems with the seller and that if you buy a house, it is yours.

An attorney will also look up underground tanks, fences and other secondary structures to make certain they are there legally and won't be a headache later on.

2. Lawyers Explore Contracts

The deed and any contracts you agree to with the seller are binding. Attention to all details now prevent months and possibly years of litigation after the purchase goes through. While you may not foresee all the problems which can present themselves once you own the new house, your attorney can. For example, you might one day renovate the place; what happens if you find asbestos or other serious problems with the house? Your lawyer could today insert language into the sales contract which could require the seller to be responsible for costs associated with fixing the situation.

The attorney will be able to explain fully the documents you're looking at. This can help the closing part of the sale go easier for you, as this is often the most perplexing part for many buyers. They can explain what points are and why you may be asked to pay them. 

Your lawyer is an advocate who can simplify many of the issues you may have questions about when you're about to buy real estate. With their guidance and that of other experts, you are in a better position to negotiate with the seller. Contact a law firm like Curtis Alexander McCampbell, PC for more information.